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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

26th Oct 2016

Things feel a bit stagnant and it's easy to think there isn't a lot going on. However, there are subtle changes day to day but nothing too exciting.

On Sunday Clive and I were out and there were five Great Crested Grebes, but on Monday Steve confirmed we were back down to three. The odd Skylark, Meadow Pipit and Siskin went over and we also had a Lesser Redpoll over. Generally I think most of these birds going over this week have been local birds but maybe some are proper migrants. Oddly this autumn has been really good for Yellowhammer and on Sunday we had three over and on Tuesday I had two and one go over. I assume these birds are local birds now rather than all being migrants. Tuesday Morning I also had a Lapwing over.

We have found checking the gulls the most interesting thing here lately and there has been a fairly constant daily presence of Yellow-legged Gulls either bathing and loafing with Lesser Black-backs at the Borrow Pit in the day (I had one on Sunday and Steve had two on Monday) or at the reservoir in the evening (John had four Monday, five on Tuesday and we had one today). There has also been the odd Herring and Common Gulls around too.

Late on Monday evening John had an odd gull the ID of which he couldn't quite clinch in the failing light and thought it was a hybrid Herring x Lesser Black-backed gull. We saw it again last night in better light and my pictures are terrible but John got some video so hopefully that is good enough to work it out. We think it is most likely a hybrid Herring x Lesser Black-backed Gull, but don't really know and will ask around for some more opinions on it from more experience gull watchers. Anymore more opinions welcomed!

Seen with 2CY Yellow-legged Gull to the right

John's video on YouTube:

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