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Friday, 19 May 2017

19th May 2017: FULMAR (!)

Thursday was a rather quiet day and the only notable bird was a Little Ringed Plover seen by John.

Today though, Steve managed to see a FULMAR over the reservoir. I have no other records of Fulmar from here previously and I think it's safe to assume it is the first time this species has been recorded at this site. It flew in from the south and left again to the south east. On view for less than a minute and Steve just so happened to be there at the right time and looking in the right direction! We often wonder what and how many birds must pass through without being seen and this is a perfect example of one that could have done so very easily. Steve wrote a short account of the sighting for the blog:

This morning it was a bit murky in the showers and overcast with a light westerly wind.  Over 50 hirundine and a couple of swift were feeding very low over the reservoir - the first big concentration I've seen this year.  As i passed the entrance to the sailing club a pair of bullfinches flew in and I stopped to watch them for a few minutes.  Walking towards the gate I noticed a bird flying towards me that  looked "different" and I couldn't work out what it was.  The shape and flight were distinctive and as soon as it banked and I could see its head,  I immediately identified it as a fulmar.  It flew around for a few seconds and then left to the southeast.  

Well done Steve!
*record pending acceptance, Steve has send a description to the O.O.S. and the B.O.S.

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