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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

10th April 2016: Med Gull

John visited yesterday morning and the Ringed Plover was still present but flew off high west. It can't have gone far though as it was back at lunch time and stayed through to the evening.

Reg and the volunteer work party continue their hard work and have started on a wild flower meadow on the southern edge of the woodland. The already partially clear areas have been extended and thick bramble scrub has been reduced. To create the meadow BBOWT volunteers have cleared vegetation and exposed patches of bare earth upon which they spread wild flower hay that was collected from another local BBOWT reserve that they work on. Once this area becomes established it will add another bit of important wildlife habitat to the reserve. It will be known as the "Pensioner's Patch". Thanks to everyone for your hard work.

Courtesy and copyright of JFT
This morning Mike saw the Ringed Plover again but it flew south and I don't think it returned this time. A very interesting report was of a Whimbrel seen over Spiceball Park by Michael Hunt. It appeared to fly towards the reservoir but it was just at the time Mike was getting there and it obviously didn't hang around. Whimbrel is a very rarely seen bird here!

Late afternoon John found an adult Med Gull on the pontoon that flew off south west. It was ringed but with only a metal ring so unfortunately it's not possible to read the details. John also thinks there was probably two Sparrowhawk nests. There has been a lot of activity at the rear of the water treatment works and there is still activity of the known family in the wood.

Courtesy and copyright of JFT
Later in the evening Mike had the Med Gull again on the roof of the water treatment works. Mike said there was good number of gulls present this evening which included at least three adult Yellow-legged Gulls, two on the water treatment works roof and one on the water. Also, a very large roost of gulls hidden from view on the new warehouse roofs north of the reservoir.  There was also a big roost of Jackdaws gathering in the wood, numbering several hundred.

Courtesy and copyright of Mike

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