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Monday, 29 August 2016

29th Aug 2016: More Whinchats!

I had a walk up this morning, which was nice as it is a pretty rare occurrence at the moment! As I approached the reservoir at least two Yellow Wagtails flew over heard but not seen. There were gulls gathered on the warehouse roof to the north and a few coming and going from the reservoir but nothing particularly notable. I found a Whinchat along the ditch in the cattle field with what I assume is the same long staying Wheatear.

Into the valley there was not a lot going on but it is very noticeable how many warblers are around. There were five Little Grebes at the Borrow Pit pool, including two well grown chicks. The Coots appear to be nesting again with the very well grown juveniles still around on the pool now looking after themselves. There were four Whinchats in the tall herb vegetation beyond the pool. Mostly perched up on the dead dock flower spikes but also often low down and out of sight. I believe five Whinchats on patch at the same time is the most I have ever seen and possibly a patch record?

Colin went around a little after me and found a Willow Tit in amongst one of the roving tit flocks in the wood. He was also treated to a display of aerial excellence as two Hobbies hunted over the Borrow Pit pool for around ten minutes.

Hobby and grebes courtesy and copyright of Colin Wilkinson


  1. Umm, why talk about sightings of whinchats and accompany them with pictures of reed buntings ?????

  2. Hi Mary,
    Well the first picture is a Reed Bunting yes, but the second is a Whinchat. I put the Reed Bunting picture on because I like it. I wasn't aware that I should only put pictures on the blog of birds I have written about about.
    Thanks for reading :)