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Saturday, 10 January 2015

11th Jan 2015

Steve Holliday emailed to let me know the Common and Siberian type Chiffchaffs are still in the woodland with the tit flock and that the Goosander was still at the reservoir this morning. He also had 102 Canada Geese, which I think is the largest count so far this year.

I went for a brief visit this afternoon to have a walk with Tom Coyne and his family. The Goosander was still present but flew off to the north while we were there. As we were leaving a Mute Swan flew into the reservoir. This is, rather surprisingly, new for the year list and actually notable for it's absence up until now.

I decided to have a walk around Spiceball Park while I was out, hoping to find some Redpolls or Siskins. I didn't find any but a flock of 25 Greenfinches was a nice consolation prize. I haven't seen any locally for a couple of months now and certainly not in any number.

I found the holes and runs of Field Vole through the grass and as I traced the runs there was a vast network of pathways and holes.

Field Vole runs and holes
A decent list of mammals (or signs of) have been recorded at Grimsbury already this year, but I have forgotten to mention them up till now. So far Roe Deer, Muntjac, Badger, Grey Squirrel, Rabbit, Fox, Otter, Mink and Field Vole have been recorded.

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