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Friday, 3 July 2015

03rd Jul 2015

John went for a walk round at lunch time and found two Common Sandpipers at the reservoir along with two of the Common Terns. This is great news and shows there is even more on the move at the moment.

I called in late evening to have a look. Mainly to see if there would be any gulls gathered but apart from a few dozen Black-headed Gulls (including a juvenile) there were no others. The sandpipers were still there and the tern number was back up to four. It seems really early for Common Sandpipers to be here and as far as I could see they were adults so I assume they are failed breeders.

As I was watching the gulls come and go an Oystercatcher dropped in. It didn't want to settle so I tried a few flight shots, and failed. A little later the sound of Crows mobbing something alerted me to a Hobby hunting over the river. It did a few circuits of the reservoir and left to the west. Another two good birds for Grimsbury at a funny time of year.

Maybe it is that I don't normally look this much in summer, but all of these sightings mid-summer seem really out of the ordinary to me. What else could we be missing?

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