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Saturday, 29 August 2015

28th Aug 2015

Allan Jones visited this afternoon and saw two Kingfishers together fishing in the river and three Swifts were in the area. Up the valley at the Borrow Pit pool the Wheatear was on the rocks.

This evening walking up the eastern bank I could hear a bird calling from the eastern bank. I couldn't see it but it sounded like a Redstart. On searching for it I saw the bird below, hardly conclusive and another probable Redstart I haven't managed to confirm.

Yes, I mean the blob on the fence!
There was reasonable gathering of Lesser Black-backed Gulls again today but even though there was no obvious disturbance they were quite unsettled and every so often would fly up off the water. There was not as many as the previous night but there was more variety with an adult, a second calender year and a couple of juvenile Herring Gulls. There was an adult/near adult Yellow-legged Gull fairly early on and by the time I left there were three.

Colin was there too and we discussed the juveniles that appear to be Yellow-legged Gulls. We think they are but no one here is very confident with them, so if someone would like to come and have a look and let us know please do... I have a few photos below if anyone wants to offer some thoughts on them.

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