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Sunday, 21 November 2021

21st Nov 2021

Generally quiet this week still and the highlights were again the gulls in the UCV. 

On Monday Iain Brown had three drake Pochard, a Lapwing and three adult Yellow-legged Gulls at the Borrow Pit pool.

Friday evening I had three Yellow-legged Gulls at the reservoir pre-roost - a second winter, a third winter and an adult.

This morning Adrian T had a Yellow-legged Gull and Caspian Gull at the Borrow Pit pool. I headed up late morning for a few hours and saw two (maybe three) Caspian Gulls - a probable first winter bird (but that didn't look text book, so maybe a bird from a mixed colony?), a second winter (the same bird that was recorded on the 11th) and an adult. Dylan P-D came up early afternoon and stayed after I left and he recorded a third winter (the same bird JFT had on the 13th) and the second winter again. There was also at least five Yellow-legged Gulls that came and went over a few hours, so probably more in reality. The adult is the sixth (at least) individual Caspian Gull to be recorded in two weeks.

1st W that doesn't quite look the part

2nd W

3rd W
Courtesy and copyright of DPD

Adult - the first adult recorded on patch

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